Installation, maintenance and repair of today’s heating and cooling equipment is complex, requiring skills in refrigeration, electrical, electronics and air flow management. The goal of SELECT HVAC is to give customers an opportunity to obtain “best practice” services that will maximize the comfort, efficiency, safety and durability of their Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

The focal point of SELECT HVAC - a program sponsored by Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association (PVREA) - is a referral list of highly skilled HVAC contractors that are dedicated to quality service. To be included in the SELECT HVAC list, contractors must agree to:

• Maintain all required licenses
• Hold any special certification required by PVREA for energy incentive offerings or specific technology applications
• Maintain proper insurance
• Comply with the SELECT HVAC Code of Ethics
• Comply with all pertinent commissioning standards providing for quality installation and repair specifications for all qualifying heating, cooling and ventilation systems
• Adhere to all regional mechanical codes
• Honor all manufacturer and contractor warranties
• Attend required SELECT HVAC training classes
• Agree to third party inspections and utility evaluations to verify program compliance

BBB logo• Maintain an Accredited
  Business status with the
  Better Business Bureau

SELECT HVAC contractors are required to address the customer’s HVAC equipment repair, replacement, new installation, and system enhancement needs in accordance with industry and manufacturer standards. At the completion of a project, the contractor will sign a document verifying that equipment is operating as efficiently as possible given the characteristics of the duct or piping system it’s connected to. Copies of this document, also known as a “commissioning form” will be provided to the customer and PVREA.

SELECT HVAC Commissioning Form (Form in PDF format)
This form is used where the HVAC Tech evaluates the performance of the system either after a new or replacement unit has been installed or troubleshooting an existing unit when efficiency or customer comfort is an issue. It is industry accepted procedures to document the system recording the unit’s present time operation -- it’s like a stress test to evaluate problems or set a baseline. Without this being done, no Tech can leave a job and say truthfully the HVAC system is operating at maximum performance!

Contractor List
Code of Ethics